Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

And who am I? That's a secret I'll ...nah just kidding

Writing the first post on your brand new blog is difficult. How do you start? Do you just say "Hello world, I'm probably girl number 134699 who starts a blog because she has the strong need to share her thoughts and outfits with the world!"?
I am more of a youtube-girl . I have a one-year-old channel on Youtube which I love taking care of and sharing styling and beauty tips. But recently I really got into reading blogs on Bloglovin. I already had this blog on which I wrote in German but I would love to have a wider spectrum of audience and since almost everyone in this world speaks English I decided to start writing in English!

So here I will be talking about products, outfits and life. A little more than a picture can say on Instagram, a little less than what I say in my videos and sometimes so much more!

Be aware! I'm not a model, nor a star, nor a rich Upper-Eastside-Beauty. I'm ordinairy, lifeloving, ironic, creative and those who know me, know I'm a clumsy mess! Sounds interesting? Stick around!

Have a beautiful day
The Columnist L

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