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Beauty travel list: what to pack!

Hello my beautiful readers,

I know a lot of you are already thinking about going back to school or the end of the summer,
but for me summer has just started!
By the end of the month I will hopefully be lying on a beach chair in Greece enjoying my rest of the summer.
And of course as I do think a lot about my beauty products, I have already created a packing list for the beauty products I need to take with me on holiday. Depending on what your daily Beauty regime looks like the things YOU need to take with you will defer from mine.

So if you are going on a holiday too, take the time to check this list and see if you have everything you need.


* shampoo
* conditioner (or hairmask as this is what I´ll be using instead of conditioner to prevent my hair from getting super frizzy from the saltwater)
*hair oil
*heat protectant (if you take a hot tool with you)


* face cleanser
* anti-blemish spot pen
* moisturizer
* eye cream
* SPF face lotion
* thick cream (for example Nivea, this has been my saviour on a lot of trips my nose got super dry from the cold air in my hotel room )
* lipbalm (again for the same reason as the thick cream)
* makeup remover


* after sun body lotion
* shower gel
* loofah (for exfoliating your skin before tanning)
* razor
* suncream for your body
* perfume or body splash

* nailpolish remover
* cotton pads
* Q-tips
* nailfile
* toothbrush
* toothpaste
* tampons (if you know you are going be on your period)

Makeup :
* tinted moisturizer or foundation
* mascara
* lipgloss/lipstick
* blush or bronzer
* mattifying face powder
* concealer
* eyeshadow

SOS don´t forget THIS:
* phone charger
* phone
* ID or passport (+ extra copy)
* plane tickets
* if you´re on any medicine or the birth control pill take those!
* insurance card

This should be it! Check out all the products you already packed and you should be ready to go!
I hope this was helpful for you.
Have a beautiful day!

xoxo Lola

PS: if you want to know exactly what products I´ll be taking with me, visit my channel on Youtube and check out my video about it! click here!
Please note that the video is in German.

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