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What I bought on my Greek holidays

Hello my beautiful readers.

Today I´m back with some shopping tips and a haul all in one post!
A few days ago I was on holiday in Crete, Greece.
The hotel we stayed at was near a lot of little shops, most of them were souvenir shops.
I did a little souvenir-shopping but I wasn´t too keen on looking for clothes, shoes or bags.
The clothes that were sold in those little shops were too expensive and not really my style. Also I
have many "boutiques" around me where they sell almost the same stuff for much better prices.

In a place like Crete, where a lot of tourists spend their holidays, you have to be careful with what you buy. A lot of times products are sold for higher prices just because people feel like spending more money than usual on their holidays.

What I did find - besides refrigerator magnets and donkey-keychains - were a lot of locally produced, organic beauty products.
I have never seen so many products that contained olive oil, aloe vera or pomegranate!
In a beautyoutlet in the capital city of Crete I found a travel set with a face cleanser with pomegranate and olive oil extracts, a face mask with lemon, honey and olive oil exracts and a face scrub with almond and organic olive oil extracts. The brand is called "Olive´s Secret". It is a local company that produces beauty products with organic, cretan products. The set cost me around 13€. I tried the products and so far I find them quite interesting and nice smelling! I bought them in an outletstore so I suppose they usually cost more.

Then we went to a "Hondos Center". This is the most popular drugstore in Greece and you find them in almost every city there. I went a little crazy there because we went to Heraklion on a Wednesday evening and a lot of shops in Greece are closed on Wednesday evenings. The shop was filled with makeup and hair products. It also had many brands that are not available in Germany like Bourjouis, Erre Due and many other Greek brands.
I also found a wide range of Aussie products. Since we don´t have this heat protecting balm in Germany I bought it because I love the "Aussie" smell so much. This cost me 7€. I also bought a neonpink nailpolish from a brand called Dorothy L for 2€. The polish is not very opaque, but it is very vibrant and three coats make it look good.
What I was most excited about was the Victoria´s Secret section in the duty free shop at the airport. I really wanted to buy a little makeup bag to use for my pens at the University because a friend of mine has one and it looks gorgeous. But I didn´t find a pretty one and they were quite pricey. So I bought this beige bag with the hot pink stripe which also contained a body spray, a body lotion and a shower gel. The set smells very sweet and it´s supposed to smell like red plum and fresia - not that I know what fresias smell like. It cost me 26€ which is a good price considering you could use the makeup bag as a real bag in the summer. I´m not a huge fan of the smell but I don´t totally hate it. It´s just a little too sweet for me since I get headaches from sweet scents.
What you HAVE TO, seriously HAVE TO buy when you´re in Greece are Korres products. Korres is a Greek brand that is internationally sold and quite popular. Why you have to buy it in Greece? It´s cheaper! You save about 3€ to 5€ when you buy a Korres product in Greece instead of Germany. I already have a lot of Korres products so I didn´t really find anything I really wanted/needed. But my sister picked up a body lotion for 9€ that has the same scent her perfume has. She also picked up a body lotion from Victoria´s Secret that is supposed to smell like pink tuberose and pear. It smells very fresh and I love it. Not so fresh was the price (15€) but we like Victoria´s Secret and since we don´t have a shop near us it was a must-buy!
Last but not least a product I almost forgot to mention. If you watch my Youtube videos you should know about my obsession for "Le Petit Marseillais" products. This is a french brand which is available in France (who would have guessed?) and Greece. It might be available in other countries too. I bought another hairmask with flax extract and almond milk. I bought this in a mini market because I needed something for my dry hair - saltwater makes it look and feel so bad! It has a very thick consistency and is quite nourishing! I like it so far.
So this was it! This is everything I got. I hope you had fun reading!
Have a beautiful day.
xoxo the Columnist L

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