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How to keep up with your new year´s resolutions!

Hello my lovely readers,

I know it´s been a long time since I actually posted something on here. But this year I wanted to give my blog a second chance and try to motivate myself to write a little bit more.

So today I´m here to give you tips on how to keep up with your new year´s resolutions!
When it comes to new year´s resolutions everybody gets very excited creating humongous lists of goals they would like to acheive by the end of the new year.
This feeling that you get when creating this list, feeling powerful, motivated like you could create anything is amazing, I must admit. But as the list I created this year was not my first one, I know how easily this feeling fades! Then it is being replaced by laziness followed by disappointment. So how can you change that? How can you actually tick off every resolution on your list?

First off you have to start right. Think about what you would like to do differently this year and what you would like to continue doing like you did in the past. There were quite a few times I wrote goals on my list I wasn´t a hundred percent sure I wanted to acheive. So before writing everything down make sure this is what you really WANT to do.

Don´t be too general! When writing down your goals for the new year be specific about how you want to acheive them! For example if you want to get in shape write down exactly how many times you want to work out per week.

Be realistic! Being specific with your goals helps with that a lot because if you can´t really figure out how to acheive a goal than maybe it is not acheivable for you and it should be rephrased! Set goals you can actually acheive in the following year and don´t be too hard on yourself. Ticking off something small on your list will feel much better than the disappointing feeling you will get if your goal was set way too high for you and you couldn´t acheive it.

Don´t forget your new year´s resolutions! Put your list somewhere you can see it every day. A great place to put it would be on the door of your closet or even your toillet (ha ha, but seriously, if you live alone why not? ).

Motivate yourself! Of course it´s difficult to stay motivated throughout the whole year, but when it comes to very common resolutions like staying fit, the internet is a great way to get motivation from! Watch motivational videos ( I´m posting motivational-monday videos every now and then on my youtube channel so if you speak german feel free to hop by! CLICK ). You could also subscribe to inspiring blogs or instagram accounts for that little push you need to keep you going!

Write down if you been following your goals and if not, write down why! This could help motivate you or show you how to rephrase your resolution into a manageable goal!

And last but not least - drumroll please this is my favourite part - reward yourself! Think about something you would like to do or have and make sure to allow yourself to do it when you acheived everything ( or for example 60%) on your list.

So this was it! My first and hopefully not last post in 2014! I hope you all have a wonderful, successful year.

Now get your asses up and start going after your goals! :)

xoxo the Columnist L

Note: this picture was taken by me.

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