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My current skincare routine!

Hello my beautiful readers,

today I wanted to post a more beauty-related blogpost and since I love to talk about skincare I thought I would show you what I´ve been using for the last couple of weeks.

My skin is more on the oily side and the only thing I´ve been struggling with are blackheads. Which is connected to my oily skin. I like to use kind of harsh products on my skin because a lot of times when I use "gentle" products I have the feeling that they don´t really work for me.

I´ve never been that kind of girl that takes off her makeup with makeup remover wipes. I love using face cleansers that get rid of all the extra oil that´s on my skin - I always used an eye makeup remover though!! - , but as I did the Cotton-Pad-Test I realized that a face cleanser and water is not enough to take off your makeup.
So a couple of months ago I started using the Bebe Young Care makeup remover wipes for normal skin that everyone raves about on the internet - at least all the German youtubers do! - and I love them. For makeup remover wipes they´re quite thick which I love about them and they´re also very good at removing eye makeup. It does burn a little bit when you try to remove your eye makeup, but as I use very longlasting-pain-in-the-butt mascaras this is a pre-removing-phase for me ( I know I´ve been supercreative today, making up my own words xD).

After taking off my face makeup I take a cotton pad and put some of the Nivea Soft face cream (!!) on it, press it on my close eyelid until everything is gone. This tip I got from a friend of mine so I tried it and I like it a lot. I´ve tried almost every single eye makeup remover there is and I´m not happy with any of them so I thought I´d give this a shot. And it works! It does not hurt my eyes but I have to be careful that the cream does not really touch my eyes. Sometimes I add a little bit of Bioderma and this makes the eye makeup go away even faster.

Then I wash my face with the Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash from The Body Shop. For superoily skin I´d always recommend face washes that feel soapy and light or foamy ones because they mattify your skin more than gel or creamy cleansers. But my skin isn´t as oily as it used to be - thanks to my Olaz Regenerist - so this creamy cleanser is great for my skin right now! The tea tree oil in it is very refreshing and this creamy consistency gives my skin the right amount of moisture I need.
On and off I use a face mask from the same skincare line which is very refreshing too and also cleans my skin deeply - and smells great if you like the scent of tea tree oil!

After that I put on my face cream for oily skin from Garnier Skin Naturals. My whole family uses this cream and we love it! It is in a gel form which is great for oily skin and it is also very light and sinks into the skin very quickly which makes it a great base for your makeup.

Under my eyes I use the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye which I got for my birthday a while ago. This is only in a sample size but I´ve been using it for months and I still have a lot of it left. It is a nice eye cream, I love that it is light but still very moisturizing. But I will probably not repurchase it when it´s empty because it is very expensive and I really want to find a cheaper alternative!

Last but not least I use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Anti-Blackhead toner. You´ll probably be thinking: why the heck do you need a toner after using all this stuff?. I don´t need it and I don´t use it after my beauty routine. What I use this for is to clean my face before I put on my makeup. In the morning I only wash my face with water and put on my makeup on the washed face but when I don´t put on my makeup in the morning after washing my face, I clean my face with the toner right before putting on my makeup. This is good for sanitizing and mattifying your face because the toner contains alcohol - which is not good for dry skin because it dries it out even more!

This was  A LOT! You see I´m not a One-Word-And-A-Picture-Blogger so if you like that subscribe to my blog! And if not that´s okay too :)

Hope to talk to you next time!
Have a great day!

xoxo Lola

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