Montag, 20. Januar 2014

(P)laid back: everyday plaid shirt and riding boots outfit for college / uni / school

Hello my beautiful readers!

Today I have a - drumroll please - fashion post for you, yaay!
I love fashion and styling clothes, trying out new things etc. but I´m by all means no  fashion blogger. I guess that´s because I don´t take fashion that serious!

I enjoy it, I spent almost half on my income on clothes - the other one goes straight to my local drugstore or beauty department - but as I don´t have that many formal events to attend, my everyday wardrobe could be described as a very simple one.

Of course my friends would argue that wearing dresses and skirts to uni is not your typical "simple" wardrobe but I guess this outfit is a "simple" one.

This is one of the looks I  wear to uni if I forget to put together an outfit for the next day, so you could call it my go-to look!

Simple button up plaid shirt (H&M, similar here), you can´t actually see but I´m wearing a high waisted, skinny jeans (H&M as well, get them here)  and my Bullboxer (find them here, similar here) leather boots which I love to death. My outfit is being topped off with a DKNY watch (here) and completed with a smile (best trend ever, I´m telling you, you should try it!).
My nailpolish is from Sally Hansen and for my red lips I used my Revlon Lipbutter in 035 Candy Apple!

So it´s really nothing special but I think the colors make it very wintery and fancy looking.

Huge thanks to my BB (which stands for beautiful boyfriend of course xD) for taking me to this beautiful place on a Saturday morning and taking the nicest pictures ever.
What do you think about this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely day
xoxo Lola

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