Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Spring Wardrobe Update #1

Hello my beautiful readers,
today I have a "springy" post for you! The weather here has been more than nice for February. Normally this time around we would still be surrounded by snow but instead, we can enjoy warm sunrays while looking for colorful spring clothing.
As I have been shopping a lot online, preparing my wardrobe for spring – not that my closet really needs any more clothes, but you know, a girl can never have enough clothes! – I did come across some beautiful pieces I would like to share with you!

The It-piece: the pink coat
Everyone on bloggerland has been talking about a pink Topshop coat. I have found a great alternative for those who don´t have Topshop near them or don´t want to buy it online! Here´s the alternative from H&M.

 I´ve been looking for a colorful bag everywhere, because I know that it´s the perfect way to spice up a boring outfit. Mango has a great bag-range to choose from. This is the one I liked the most. 
 Who doesn´t love ballet flats? I already own a ton of them but still let some new ones join my collection for the warmer months. I have learned that if you spend a little more on your flats they will last you much longer! So I only buy cheap ones for my side job - as a cashier I don´t really need cute, fancy shoes, just comfy ones! These ones I found at Zara.
Spring = Blazertime! I might actually do a separate post on that subject because I love blazers a lot! Here I found this blue, patterned one from H&M.
Scarves are also a must have for spring. Not the thick, heavy ones of course! Silky, smooth scarves!
Here´s one from Mango for you pastel lovers (like me) outthere!
You might not know it but I also love dresses! When I was little I begged my mother to let me wear dresses everyday no matter how cold it was! I guess I was a 100% girly girl from day one! And of course I have already ordered 20 new ones from the new H&M spring collection! Here´s one I didn´t order yet, but I find awfully pretty!

So this was it! Wait for more updates to come, because I will be shopping for sure! Hope I gave you some shopping ideas from my favorite stores! 

See you soon!
xoxo the Columnist L 

NOTE: Picture one was taken by me. Picture two, five and seven were taken from the H&M online store. Picture three and six were taken from the Mango online store. Picture four was taken from the Zara online store. 
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