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My Favourite Brushes

Hello my beautiful readers,
I hope you´re all doing well and if you´re a student like me I hope you´re already done with all your exams and can lean back and enjoy life a little :).

As you know makeup is a very important issue on my blog and to have a beautiful looking makeup there are some things you need to apply it with! So today I´m going to share my favourite brushes with you.

Starting with face brushes!

A great base: I never really applied my makeup with a brush before until I "met" (thank you dear Amazon and Pixiwoo sisters for that) the Real Techniques Buffing  Brush. This brush is great to use with creamy (not too watery!) foundations. It has a great density and distibutes the makeup really nicely buffing it lightly into the skin. No streaky look, no makeup lines. And the price is also quite attractive! (get it here).

Since I loved my Real Techniques brush so much, but wasn´t really good at always keeping it clean, I wanted to buy another one. But there was one I had laid eyes on, one I really wanted to try. This is when the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish came into my life. I might even say I like this one better! It is dense and soft at the same time, a little thicker and more on-point than the Real Techniques brush. (get it here) 

You make me blush (or bronze):
For blush I have a tone of different alternatives to choose from. But lately I tend to gravitate towards my Zoeva Luxe Sheer Cheek (get it here) . To be honest I only bought this brush because it has white bristles and looks so fluffy ( I´m gonna die, you know what movie I´m refering to right?). Bus this brush doesn´t only have the looks, it´s also a great way to apply your blush with! It´s very soft (and fluffy, I know, I told you that already)and what I also love about it is, that it works great with superpigmented blush. Don´t get me wrong I like good quality blushers but sometimes when I´m in a hurry they just don´t work for me. This brush doesn´t pick up too much colour and distributes it nicely.

Sometimes, and mostly in the summertime I like to use bronzer instead of blush to contour my face a little and give it a nice summery glow. My favourite "friend" for that is my Body & Soul (supercheap) powder brush. This brush is meant to be used for face powder, but since it is quite flat, I like using it for bronzer. (bought mine at Müller (german drugstore), get similar here)

For your eyes only:
Zoeva 232 Classic Shader: very precise and picks up a lot of colour. An overall great brush for applying eyeshadow to the lid and also thin enough to get around the inner corner of the eyelid! You don´t own it yet? What are you waiting for!? (get it here) 

Another great shader brush is the Shader from the “Very Croc Set“. A great brush for lazy girls – like me! This brush is great for applying shadow and also for blending it out because it´s so thick and fluffy. (get it here) 

Since we´re talking about fluffiness: Let me introduce you to my fluffy friend the 227 Soft Definer. I don´t know if I love this brush so much because the bristles are white – I looove white bristled brushes! – or   because it really is that good. But it blends the shadow quite nicely and I always gravitate towards this one, instead of using one of my other blending brushes. (get it here )

And last but not least: my partner in crime, the eyeliner brush. Again a Zoeva brush (326 Classic Liner). I hate, hate, hate applying eyeliner! And although I´m getting quite good at applying the Essence Liquid Eyeliner I have a bunch of gel liners waiting for me to use them.  This brush is great for gel liners  and since it´s so pointed, getting a nice wing is an easy game with this guy. (get it here) 

So that´s it for today´s post! Most of my brushes are from Zoeva, because I think their brushes are very good, quality wise and also reasonably priced!
I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Have a nice day.
xoxo Lola

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