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My favourite products for smooth kissable lips!

Hello my beautiful readers,
the weather here in Germany is getting quite sunny and enjoyable and with that, many of us might have a "spring fling" waiting for us around the corner. Or you have a boyfriend that you like kissing. Or a cat. You get my point!
Of course nobody likes chapped, dry lips. So here are my favourite products that either take care of your lips, or disguise the catastrophe underneath!

A good start:

Peeling your lips, and getting rid of dead skincells is very important for creating a great lipbase. I have used the Lush Popcorn Lipscrub but don´t find that it is particularly good. It is too expensive and can easily be diyed (making up words is my favourite hobby), which I did a while ago - just click here!
But if you have an electric toothbrush at home, don´t bother buying a lippeeling! Just carefully (!)  run your electric toothbrush over your lips after brushing your teeth and the dry layer will disappear!

Smooth me up baby:

A while ago I purchased a lipbalm, that looks very medicinal but smells quite nice, from a German drugstore brand called "Balea". This is a true livesaver for me, because it doesn´t just take care of your lips when it´s on your lips, but after using it for a while you will notive that it prevents your lips from chapping. Because this product is only available in Germany and some other countries in Europe, I have a similar alternative for you: the Neutrogena Intense Repair Lipbalm. It is also clear and looks like some kind of hand concentrate. The only thing I don´t like about this product is that it feels kind of sticky on the lips, so I prefer my Balea one. If you don´t have any of those in your country I am a hundred percent sure your local pharmacy will carry something similar. And trust me, those balms work wonders!

Salve(ing) the problem:

Salves are also a great way of calming down your chapped lips. I turn to those when my lips are superchapped and even hurt from being so dry. They create a nice, thick layer that prevent further damage. My alltime favourite is one a friend of mine bought me from the USA. It is the Savex (on the right) - I guess it is very similar to Carmex - cherry lipsalve. It smells heavenly and feels very refreshing and calming on the lips. I suppose there is some kind of peppermint in it, because it feels exactly like those peppermint lipglosses!
For my German readers I have something that you can buy in bulks here: Kaufmann´s Haut- und Kindercreme (on the left). I use it every night before going to bed - although I hate the feeling on the lips when I wake up, because they feel like there´s a layer of something on them.
Another great salve, is the Burt´s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (in the middle). It has a thicker consistency, but also gives you the refreshing, soothing feeling the Savex balm gives.

Do not chap! (sticks):

I know that most of you will probably be using chapsticks. I must admit I don´t really like normal chapsticks from Nivea or other brands, don´t ask me why. The only ones I might use are the Burt´s Bees Lipbalms in the tinted and non tinted version because I feel like they are the only one´s that really work. Also I like the Yves Rocher Lipbalms ( a French beautystore that only uses natural ingredients, not shown here) because they have great scents to choose from and a great consistency.

Disguising the moster:

When your lips are chapped, the best thing to do would be to not use lipstick. But sometimes you just NEED to wear it - for example if you are like me and look like a dead person without coloured lips. The only lipstick I CAN wear when my lips are chapped, that does not sit into the cracks of my skin are my P2 Sheer Glam Lipsticks (in the colours French Kiss, Love Actually, Pretty Woman and Love Happens).
Because of their buttery, light consistency they moisturize your lips and make them look plump! Unfortunately P2 is another brand that is only available in some European countries.
But of course I have an alternative for you! The Revlon Lip Butters work exactly the same in my opinion! The colour in the picture is Candy Apple.

That´s it for todays post!
Have fun kissing your "fling", boyfriend, cat, dog, unicorn...You know, just have fun kissing!

xoxo Lola

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