Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Spring Must-Have: Colored Sweaters

Hello my beautiful readers,

although I´d love to put away any kind of sweater near me and trade it with sunshine and flowy dresses, the weather here does simply not agree with me. So I thought to myself – and I guess that´s what tons of designers thought too – I would brighten up my day all by myself. With a little help from my clothes of course.
This trend has been around for years now, but I still consider colored sweaters a must-have item for my spring wardrobe.
Colored sweaters instantly brighten up my mood and make me feel happier, dressier! While I mostly own pink, bright orange and babypink sweaters – or white or beige – my mother actually has a ton of them! In almost every color of the rainbow. And more! Once I get my hands on them I will tell you more about them in a future blogpost, but pshhh!

Also styling colored sweaters is quite easy in my opinion! Put some jeans on, a statement necklace some pumps or ballet flats and voilá! There you have the finished outfit. Fast and easy! And this is exactly what I did for this look.

Sweater: H&M (old)
Bandeau-Top underneath: H&M (currently available)
Jeans: H&M (currently available)
Necklace: Primark (currently available)

Eyeshadow: Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow in 265
Lips: P2 Secret Gloss Lipstick in Secret Letter
Nails: Kiko in 276 

For everyone else who wants to hop on the band wagon I picked out some of my favorite colored sweaters I found online!

So what do you think? Do you like them? Will you be wearing them too?

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo Lola

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