Freitag, 19. September 2014

Getting back on track

Hello my beautiful readers!

As summer has come to an end, suitcases have been neatly put away as they will not be used in the near future and everyone or at least almost everyone has gone back to work, school or university it is time to get back on track and start being productive again.
I have to be honest this year was one of the hardest for me to "get back on track" and I´m still not a 100 percent there yet, but while I struggle getting "there" - you get me, you have to get me! Or am I talking in too many riddles again? - I thought I would tell you today how I plan to get ready for the upcoming semester.

1. Get a planner! Basic, but so important! Normally I get planners that start in January, but this year I stopped using the one I had and I started using a personal planner which I got from the company itself (personal planner) to review for my youtube channel. Even if it seems stupid, start writing everything down! If you have a great memory or just not a huge variety of different chores and things you have to do everyday this might not apply to you and you will get by just fine if you don´t write things down.
For me it is very important to write things down because I am a university student, have a sidejob and also a youtube channel to keep up with. It´s all about the deadlines! So if you´re like me, take a pen and your planner and start writing things down! And if this still isn´t enough for you, set alarm clocks on your phone! I set myself one today to remind me I had to send my term paper to my english professor.

2. Stress is your new best friend! There are people in this world that just do things months before they have to hand them in. (At least urban legends say they exist!) Unfortunately I am not one of those people. I need stress in my life to keep me going! So if you´re still in your holidays and don´t know how the hell to start with something like your english paper, studying for an upcoming test etc. think of something you actually wanted to get done sometime soon and give yourself little time to do it!

This might go totally wrong but this could actually be a total success!
I really wanted to get rid of my two old beds - as I was sharing my room with my sister who has moved out a while ago I didn´t need two small beds in my room.
I needed to get a new one and also find a solution for my exploding closet. So I searched the web for ideas on beautiful, budget-friendly beds and closet solutions. I found the store I wanted to get everything from, found people that would love my old beds much more than I did and gave myself (and my boyfriend) one day to accomplish all of this!
So we bought the new things, got rid of the old ones and installed the new ones, all in one day.
This got me stressed out, yes, but when the day was over and I was finally lying in my new BIG bed watching "Suits" with my boyfriend I felt tired, but not because I didn´t do anything all day, but because I ACTUALLY did something! This made me feel very proud on the one hand but on the other hand it gave me back the energy I had lost during my holidays. The energy to get things done you´re not very keen on doing, like work, study etc.!

3. Get inspired! When I feel like just doing nothing, am too lazy to keep up with my workout-routine and everything else I have to do I turn to those people that get me excited about working out, studying, working and creating entertaining content for my blog and channel. Those people don´t have to be people you actually know! Mine are for example random people online! Just search the hashtag #getfit, #stayorganized or if you are a youtuber or blogger (or just like to watch videos and read blogposts!)  like me look at the great content others are creating and I promise you, you will want to be organized, fit, creative and productive yourself!

So that´s it for today! A lot of people have already gone back to school or uni already but I start in October and just got back from vacation two weeks ago, so I needed a push to the right direction myself, hence the blogpost! I hope this was helpful for you :)
Have nice, productive days!

And live life to the maximum :) always!
xoxo Lola

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