Montag, 10. November 2014

How to heal from a breakup: confessions of a broken heart

Hello my beautiful readers,

today I´m here with a very personal and touchy subject: heartbreak.

A lot of us have been there. Recently I´ve had the glorious luck to feel it again. The past month has been a torture for me, not just because of this heartbreak-thingy, but also because I lost a very close, - sweetest on earth - creature of mine, my beloved cat who decided to just not come home one day. It was hard. It still is. But instead of dwelling over broken promisses, making my eyes look puffy from crying like a little girl for getting her heart broken once again I decided I would not let this get to me. I would learn from it and I would share my experience so I could help others who feel as lost as I felt when this happened to me.

First of all you need to know that everything is going to be okay. You might not believe me right now, I might be doubting myself right now too, but somewhere in my heart I know that everything will be okay. It is okay to feel shitty, it is okay to feel like you are not yourself right now, like you´re lost, like you don´t even really know what you want, or who you are. It´s okay.

Give yourself time to heal. Give yourself time to cry your eyes out. Adapting to your new life, your new you is hard. And you will need time for that. I know what you´re all thinking right now. „I want him back. I don´t care why it ended, I just need to feel okay again!“ No. You need to be happy again – on your own! I hate the fact that people say we need time to heal. Guess what: I want to be happy now. Not in a month, not in a year. Now. Although I can´t promise you my tips will make you instantly forget whoever, or whatever broke your heart, they helped me feel better again.
  1. Banish everything in your environment that reminds you of this person. Take down pictures of you two together, delete them from your phone. I´m not saying you should erase this person from your life like he never existed. You can keep the photos somewhere you don´t see them, because no matter how bad a relationship ended, this person was part of your life, part of you and denying you had a wonderful time once is not right.

  2. Out of sight, out of mind!
    Delete his (or her) number from your phone. You can write it on a piece of paper and put it somewhere in your room, but DON´T allow yourself to call him, communicate with him in any way. And if you decide to keep his number, still have him as a friend on facebook etc. just keep away from him. No contact!

  3. Make yourself a playlist with music that does NOT bring you down, or make you cry. Only good, empowering songs! You need to feel confident again. You need songs that you hear while walking down the street and you feel like everyone who would even THINK about letting you go is just out of their minds.
    Those were my favorites:
    * TLC – no scrubs
    * Beyoncé – irreplaceable
    * Train feat. Ashley Monroe – bruises
    * Katherine McPhee – over it (yes this still might bring some tears to your eyes, but be strong and have a little faith in the lyrics!)

  4. GO OUT! I know this will be a little bad for your wallet, but at that point, believe me I didn´t even care. Go out to parties, go out for drinks with friends, flirt, have fun! I know flirting might be hard right now, because on the one hand you feel like you need to see people that are interested in you to make you feel like you are worth having as a girlfriend and going out with, but on the other hand you feel very weird doing that. Just weeks ago you were with someone, you were his girlfriend and now all of a sudden you are flirting with a bunch of strangers? But if it helps you feel confident and sexy again go for it!

  5. Keep yourself busy! All of a sudden you have all this free time, use it wisely! Work is always great to keep your mind away from negative thoughts, at least for me it is. Work out. Start a new hobby! Do something new and exciting!

  6. Talk. To be able to get your ex out of your mind, you need to get him out of your system! Talk to someone close about your feelings. Tell them what you think, what you feel. But be careful because if you do this a lot and for a great amount of time, people will start being bored and annoyed by your nagging. If you still feel like talking, talk to yourself. Write a letter to your ex telling him how you feel about what happened – DON`T SEND IT!
    Keep a diary! I think this is very helpful, because you will be able to come back to this later on in your life and knowing that you actually survived a heartbreak in the past and you don´t even think about this person anymore will help you see, that you are indeed stronger than you think! It might even help you get over a future heartbreak (knock on wood! We don´t want that!)

  7. Learn to love yourself again, value yourself for who you are. Don´t let other people`s insecurities about themselves get to you, and make you feel like you did something wrong in that relationship. Noone is perfect, and of course there were things that you could have done differently. But even if someone broke up with you because they didn´t love you anymore, don´t stop loving yourself. You can´t force someone to love you, but you are a loveable person. If there are things that you want to work on, do it. But never feel unworthy of love just because this one person was not capable of loving every single inch of your existence. Love yourself with all your heart! You are all that you have. You are valuable. You are important!

  8. Now let´s get to the hardest part: FORGIVE! You need to let go of all the negativity you are dragging with you from your past relationship. You will need time for that. But you can do it. Don´t hate your ex-boyfriend for not staying with you and for hurting you. Don´t hate him for any reason! Let go of him. If you don´t want to do this for him, do it for you. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have an open heart free of insecurities and scars people left before disappearing from your life. Forgive him. Forgive yourself for falling so hard and allow yourself to do it again. You deserve to be loved, to love and to be happy!

I hope this post is helpful for all you people out there with a broken heart. You will heal. You will be okay. You will be great and someday, in the future, you will fall in love again. And it won´t even matter anymore, that you were hurt so bad. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to send me a message on .

Have a wonderful day.

"I can´t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.“

Jimmy Dean

Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014

Style the tweed jacket

Hello my beautiful readers,
today I have an outfit to show you! I am a BIG fan of tweed jackets and I  love wearing them in the semi-cold months of the year. I am sure I will get to wear this guy under a very thick wintercoat in the winter but as long as I can wear my tweedjacket out without freezing my b(insert utt here) off I will sure do it. So this is it! A bit of pastel, a bright red  and neutrals make this outfit complete.

Dress - Primark 
Tweedjacket - H&M 
Bag - Michael Kors
Shoes - H&M 

Freitag, 19. September 2014

Getting back on track

Hello my beautiful readers!

As summer has come to an end, suitcases have been neatly put away as they will not be used in the near future and everyone or at least almost everyone has gone back to work, school or university it is time to get back on track and start being productive again.
I have to be honest this year was one of the hardest for me to "get back on track" and I´m still not a 100 percent there yet, but while I struggle getting "there" - you get me, you have to get me! Or am I talking in too many riddles again? - I thought I would tell you today how I plan to get ready for the upcoming semester.

1. Get a planner! Basic, but so important! Normally I get planners that start in January, but this year I stopped using the one I had and I started using a personal planner which I got from the company itself (personal planner) to review for my youtube channel. Even if it seems stupid, start writing everything down! If you have a great memory or just not a huge variety of different chores and things you have to do everyday this might not apply to you and you will get by just fine if you don´t write things down.
For me it is very important to write things down because I am a university student, have a sidejob and also a youtube channel to keep up with. It´s all about the deadlines! So if you´re like me, take a pen and your planner and start writing things down! And if this still isn´t enough for you, set alarm clocks on your phone! I set myself one today to remind me I had to send my term paper to my english professor.

2. Stress is your new best friend! There are people in this world that just do things months before they have to hand them in. (At least urban legends say they exist!) Unfortunately I am not one of those people. I need stress in my life to keep me going! So if you´re still in your holidays and don´t know how the hell to start with something like your english paper, studying for an upcoming test etc. think of something you actually wanted to get done sometime soon and give yourself little time to do it!

This might go totally wrong but this could actually be a total success!
I really wanted to get rid of my two old beds - as I was sharing my room with my sister who has moved out a while ago I didn´t need two small beds in my room.
I needed to get a new one and also find a solution for my exploding closet. So I searched the web for ideas on beautiful, budget-friendly beds and closet solutions. I found the store I wanted to get everything from, found people that would love my old beds much more than I did and gave myself (and my boyfriend) one day to accomplish all of this!
So we bought the new things, got rid of the old ones and installed the new ones, all in one day.
This got me stressed out, yes, but when the day was over and I was finally lying in my new BIG bed watching "Suits" with my boyfriend I felt tired, but not because I didn´t do anything all day, but because I ACTUALLY did something! This made me feel very proud on the one hand but on the other hand it gave me back the energy I had lost during my holidays. The energy to get things done you´re not very keen on doing, like work, study etc.!

3. Get inspired! When I feel like just doing nothing, am too lazy to keep up with my workout-routine and everything else I have to do I turn to those people that get me excited about working out, studying, working and creating entertaining content for my blog and channel. Those people don´t have to be people you actually know! Mine are for example random people online! Just search the hashtag #getfit, #stayorganized or if you are a youtuber or blogger (or just like to watch videos and read blogposts!)  like me look at the great content others are creating and I promise you, you will want to be organized, fit, creative and productive yourself!

So that´s it for today! A lot of people have already gone back to school or uni already but I start in October and just got back from vacation two weeks ago, so I needed a push to the right direction myself, hence the blogpost! I hope this was helpful for you :)
Have nice, productive days!

And live life to the maximum :) always!
xoxo Lola

Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Spring Must-Have: Colored Sweaters

Hello my beautiful readers,

although I´d love to put away any kind of sweater near me and trade it with sunshine and flowy dresses, the weather here does simply not agree with me. So I thought to myself – and I guess that´s what tons of designers thought too – I would brighten up my day all by myself. With a little help from my clothes of course.
This trend has been around for years now, but I still consider colored sweaters a must-have item for my spring wardrobe.
Colored sweaters instantly brighten up my mood and make me feel happier, dressier! While I mostly own pink, bright orange and babypink sweaters – or white or beige – my mother actually has a ton of them! In almost every color of the rainbow. And more! Once I get my hands on them I will tell you more about them in a future blogpost, but pshhh!

Also styling colored sweaters is quite easy in my opinion! Put some jeans on, a statement necklace some pumps or ballet flats and voilá! There you have the finished outfit. Fast and easy! And this is exactly what I did for this look.

Sweater: H&M (old)
Bandeau-Top underneath: H&M (currently available)
Jeans: H&M (currently available)
Necklace: Primark (currently available)

Eyeshadow: Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow in 265
Lips: P2 Secret Gloss Lipstick in Secret Letter
Nails: Kiko in 276 

For everyone else who wants to hop on the band wagon I picked out some of my favorite colored sweaters I found online!

So what do you think? Do you like them? Will you be wearing them too?

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo Lola

DISCLAIMER: The post "Spring Must-Have: Colored Sweaters" first appeared on . All pictures are mine except for the pictures in the collage, which I directly took from the website of the onlineshops. 

Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Goodbye Winter: Beloved Burgundy Coat

Hello my beautiful readers,

as tomorrow is the official beginning of spring, I wanted to show you my most worn, favorite winter coat. I got this coat on my trip to Berlin last fall from Pull&Bear and I instantly fell in love with the color! The shape of it is very plain, a simple A-line. For me as a girly girl that likes her ruffles and tapered clothes this was very difficult to get used to, but I did and I enjoyed wearing it. I know you haven´t seen much of my girly style, but believe me in the springtime I literally bloom!

This is an outfit I would wear if I was going out for a drink, to the cinema or as I did this time: just because I wanted to! As the coat is very plain and does not really emphasize my body I love wearing very tight dresses underneath to make the look more balanced. And pairing my tights to my coat made me feel very "Blair-Waldorf".

I hope you liked the look and can relate to it as many blogger post outfits that an everyday girl doesn´t really wear, since she´s not really going to any fancy events that often :).
Have a lovely day!

xoxo Lola

Coat: Pull&Bear
Dress: Local store
Tights: Primark
Boots: Deichmann

Photo credit: my lovely boyfriend who was quite annoyed since we did not really agree on him being my photographer when we got together. Oops. Must change the relationship agreement reaaal soon!

The post "Goodbye Winter: Beloved Burgundy Coat" first appeared on .

Samstag, 15. März 2014

My favourite products for smooth kissable lips!

Hello my beautiful readers,
the weather here in Germany is getting quite sunny and enjoyable and with that, many of us might have a "spring fling" waiting for us around the corner. Or you have a boyfriend that you like kissing. Or a cat. You get my point!
Of course nobody likes chapped, dry lips. So here are my favourite products that either take care of your lips, or disguise the catastrophe underneath!

A good start:

Peeling your lips, and getting rid of dead skincells is very important for creating a great lipbase. I have used the Lush Popcorn Lipscrub but don´t find that it is particularly good. It is too expensive and can easily be diyed (making up words is my favourite hobby), which I did a while ago - just click here!
But if you have an electric toothbrush at home, don´t bother buying a lippeeling! Just carefully (!)  run your electric toothbrush over your lips after brushing your teeth and the dry layer will disappear!

Smooth me up baby:

A while ago I purchased a lipbalm, that looks very medicinal but smells quite nice, from a German drugstore brand called "Balea". This is a true livesaver for me, because it doesn´t just take care of your lips when it´s on your lips, but after using it for a while you will notive that it prevents your lips from chapping. Because this product is only available in Germany and some other countries in Europe, I have a similar alternative for you: the Neutrogena Intense Repair Lipbalm. It is also clear and looks like some kind of hand concentrate. The only thing I don´t like about this product is that it feels kind of sticky on the lips, so I prefer my Balea one. If you don´t have any of those in your country I am a hundred percent sure your local pharmacy will carry something similar. And trust me, those balms work wonders!

Salve(ing) the problem:

Salves are also a great way of calming down your chapped lips. I turn to those when my lips are superchapped and even hurt from being so dry. They create a nice, thick layer that prevent further damage. My alltime favourite is one a friend of mine bought me from the USA. It is the Savex (on the right) - I guess it is very similar to Carmex - cherry lipsalve. It smells heavenly and feels very refreshing and calming on the lips. I suppose there is some kind of peppermint in it, because it feels exactly like those peppermint lipglosses!
For my German readers I have something that you can buy in bulks here: Kaufmann´s Haut- und Kindercreme (on the left). I use it every night before going to bed - although I hate the feeling on the lips when I wake up, because they feel like there´s a layer of something on them.
Another great salve, is the Burt´s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (in the middle). It has a thicker consistency, but also gives you the refreshing, soothing feeling the Savex balm gives.

Do not chap! (sticks):

I know that most of you will probably be using chapsticks. I must admit I don´t really like normal chapsticks from Nivea or other brands, don´t ask me why. The only ones I might use are the Burt´s Bees Lipbalms in the tinted and non tinted version because I feel like they are the only one´s that really work. Also I like the Yves Rocher Lipbalms ( a French beautystore that only uses natural ingredients, not shown here) because they have great scents to choose from and a great consistency.

Disguising the moster:

When your lips are chapped, the best thing to do would be to not use lipstick. But sometimes you just NEED to wear it - for example if you are like me and look like a dead person without coloured lips. The only lipstick I CAN wear when my lips are chapped, that does not sit into the cracks of my skin are my P2 Sheer Glam Lipsticks (in the colours French Kiss, Love Actually, Pretty Woman and Love Happens).
Because of their buttery, light consistency they moisturize your lips and make them look plump! Unfortunately P2 is another brand that is only available in some European countries.
But of course I have an alternative for you! The Revlon Lip Butters work exactly the same in my opinion! The colour in the picture is Candy Apple.

That´s it for todays post!
Have fun kissing your "fling", boyfriend, cat, dog, unicorn...You know, just have fun kissing!

xoxo Lola

Samstag, 8. März 2014

My Favourite Brushes

Hello my beautiful readers,
I hope you´re all doing well and if you´re a student like me I hope you´re already done with all your exams and can lean back and enjoy life a little :).

As you know makeup is a very important issue on my blog and to have a beautiful looking makeup there are some things you need to apply it with! So today I´m going to share my favourite brushes with you.

Starting with face brushes!

A great base: I never really applied my makeup with a brush before until I "met" (thank you dear Amazon and Pixiwoo sisters for that) the Real Techniques Buffing  Brush. This brush is great to use with creamy (not too watery!) foundations. It has a great density and distibutes the makeup really nicely buffing it lightly into the skin. No streaky look, no makeup lines. And the price is also quite attractive! (get it here).

Since I loved my Real Techniques brush so much, but wasn´t really good at always keeping it clean, I wanted to buy another one. But there was one I had laid eyes on, one I really wanted to try. This is when the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish came into my life. I might even say I like this one better! It is dense and soft at the same time, a little thicker and more on-point than the Real Techniques brush. (get it here) 

You make me blush (or bronze):
For blush I have a tone of different alternatives to choose from. But lately I tend to gravitate towards my Zoeva Luxe Sheer Cheek (get it here) . To be honest I only bought this brush because it has white bristles and looks so fluffy ( I´m gonna die, you know what movie I´m refering to right?). Bus this brush doesn´t only have the looks, it´s also a great way to apply your blush with! It´s very soft (and fluffy, I know, I told you that already)and what I also love about it is, that it works great with superpigmented blush. Don´t get me wrong I like good quality blushers but sometimes when I´m in a hurry they just don´t work for me. This brush doesn´t pick up too much colour and distributes it nicely.

Sometimes, and mostly in the summertime I like to use bronzer instead of blush to contour my face a little and give it a nice summery glow. My favourite "friend" for that is my Body & Soul (supercheap) powder brush. This brush is meant to be used for face powder, but since it is quite flat, I like using it for bronzer. (bought mine at Müller (german drugstore), get similar here)

For your eyes only:
Zoeva 232 Classic Shader: very precise and picks up a lot of colour. An overall great brush for applying eyeshadow to the lid and also thin enough to get around the inner corner of the eyelid! You don´t own it yet? What are you waiting for!? (get it here) 

Another great shader brush is the Shader from the “Very Croc Set“. A great brush for lazy girls – like me! This brush is great for applying shadow and also for blending it out because it´s so thick and fluffy. (get it here) 

Since we´re talking about fluffiness: Let me introduce you to my fluffy friend the 227 Soft Definer. I don´t know if I love this brush so much because the bristles are white – I looove white bristled brushes! – or   because it really is that good. But it blends the shadow quite nicely and I always gravitate towards this one, instead of using one of my other blending brushes. (get it here )

And last but not least: my partner in crime, the eyeliner brush. Again a Zoeva brush (326 Classic Liner). I hate, hate, hate applying eyeliner! And although I´m getting quite good at applying the Essence Liquid Eyeliner I have a bunch of gel liners waiting for me to use them.  This brush is great for gel liners  and since it´s so pointed, getting a nice wing is an easy game with this guy. (get it here) 

So that´s it for today´s post! Most of my brushes are from Zoeva, because I think their brushes are very good, quality wise and also reasonably priced!
I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Have a nice day.
xoxo Lola