Montag, 2. September 2013

What I bought on my Greek holidays

Hello my beautiful readers.

Today I´m back with some shopping tips and a haul all in one post!
A few days ago I was on holiday in Crete, Greece.
The hotel we stayed at was near a lot of little shops, most of them were souvenir shops.
I did a little souvenir-shopping but I wasn´t too keen on looking for clothes, shoes or bags.
The clothes that were sold in those little shops were too expensive and not really my style. Also I
have many "boutiques" around me where they sell almost the same stuff for much better prices.

In a place like Crete, where a lot of tourists spend their holidays, you have to be careful with what you buy. A lot of times products are sold for higher prices just because people feel like spending more money than usual on their holidays.

What I did find - besides refrigerator magnets and donkey-keychains - were a lot of locally produced, organic beauty products.
I have never seen so many products that contained olive oil, aloe vera or pomegranate!
In a beautyoutlet in the capital city of Crete I found a travel set with a face cleanser with pomegranate and olive oil extracts, a face mask with lemon, honey and olive oil exracts and a face scrub with almond and organic olive oil extracts. The brand is called "Olive´s Secret". It is a local company that produces beauty products with organic, cretan products. The set cost me around 13€. I tried the products and so far I find them quite interesting and nice smelling! I bought them in an outletstore so I suppose they usually cost more.

Then we went to a "Hondos Center". This is the most popular drugstore in Greece and you find them in almost every city there. I went a little crazy there because we went to Heraklion on a Wednesday evening and a lot of shops in Greece are closed on Wednesday evenings. The shop was filled with makeup and hair products. It also had many brands that are not available in Germany like Bourjouis, Erre Due and many other Greek brands.
I also found a wide range of Aussie products. Since we don´t have this heat protecting balm in Germany I bought it because I love the "Aussie" smell so much. This cost me 7€. I also bought a neonpink nailpolish from a brand called Dorothy L for 2€. The polish is not very opaque, but it is very vibrant and three coats make it look good.
What I was most excited about was the Victoria´s Secret section in the duty free shop at the airport. I really wanted to buy a little makeup bag to use for my pens at the University because a friend of mine has one and it looks gorgeous. But I didn´t find a pretty one and they were quite pricey. So I bought this beige bag with the hot pink stripe which also contained a body spray, a body lotion and a shower gel. The set smells very sweet and it´s supposed to smell like red plum and fresia - not that I know what fresias smell like. It cost me 26€ which is a good price considering you could use the makeup bag as a real bag in the summer. I´m not a huge fan of the smell but I don´t totally hate it. It´s just a little too sweet for me since I get headaches from sweet scents.
What you HAVE TO, seriously HAVE TO buy when you´re in Greece are Korres products. Korres is a Greek brand that is internationally sold and quite popular. Why you have to buy it in Greece? It´s cheaper! You save about 3€ to 5€ when you buy a Korres product in Greece instead of Germany. I already have a lot of Korres products so I didn´t really find anything I really wanted/needed. But my sister picked up a body lotion for 9€ that has the same scent her perfume has. She also picked up a body lotion from Victoria´s Secret that is supposed to smell like pink tuberose and pear. It smells very fresh and I love it. Not so fresh was the price (15€) but we like Victoria´s Secret and since we don´t have a shop near us it was a must-buy!
Last but not least a product I almost forgot to mention. If you watch my Youtube videos you should know about my obsession for "Le Petit Marseillais" products. This is a french brand which is available in France (who would have guessed?) and Greece. It might be available in other countries too. I bought another hairmask with flax extract and almond milk. I bought this in a mini market because I needed something for my dry hair - saltwater makes it look and feel so bad! It has a very thick consistency and is quite nourishing! I like it so far.
So this was it! This is everything I got. I hope you had fun reading!
Have a beautiful day.
xoxo the Columnist L

Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Beauty travel list: what to pack!

Hello my beautiful readers,

I know a lot of you are already thinking about going back to school or the end of the summer,
but for me summer has just started!
By the end of the month I will hopefully be lying on a beach chair in Greece enjoying my rest of the summer.
And of course as I do think a lot about my beauty products, I have already created a packing list for the beauty products I need to take with me on holiday. Depending on what your daily Beauty regime looks like the things YOU need to take with you will defer from mine.

So if you are going on a holiday too, take the time to check this list and see if you have everything you need.


* shampoo
* conditioner (or hairmask as this is what I´ll be using instead of conditioner to prevent my hair from getting super frizzy from the saltwater)
*hair oil
*heat protectant (if you take a hot tool with you)


* face cleanser
* anti-blemish spot pen
* moisturizer
* eye cream
* SPF face lotion
* thick cream (for example Nivea, this has been my saviour on a lot of trips my nose got super dry from the cold air in my hotel room )
* lipbalm (again for the same reason as the thick cream)
* makeup remover


* after sun body lotion
* shower gel
* loofah (for exfoliating your skin before tanning)
* razor
* suncream for your body
* perfume or body splash

* nailpolish remover
* cotton pads
* Q-tips
* nailfile
* toothbrush
* toothpaste
* tampons (if you know you are going be on your period)

Makeup :
* tinted moisturizer or foundation
* mascara
* lipgloss/lipstick
* blush or bronzer
* mattifying face powder
* concealer
* eyeshadow

SOS don´t forget THIS:
* phone charger
* phone
* ID or passport (+ extra copy)
* plane tickets
* if you´re on any medicine or the birth control pill take those!
* insurance card

This should be it! Check out all the products you already packed and you should be ready to go!
I hope this was helpful for you.
Have a beautiful day!

xoxo Lola

PS: if you want to know exactly what products I´ll be taking with me, visit my channel on Youtube and check out my video about it! click here!
Please note that the video is in German.

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This post first appeared on . The picture was take by my sister.

Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013

Fun summer nails: pinks

Hello my beautiful readers.

Today I wanted to show you my favorite summer nailpolish. You might not know that I am a huge nailpolish lover and collector and if this craziness continues I might have to look for a new appartment which would have enough space for a "Nailpolish-Room"! (totally kidding, but I do have quite a lot!)

I divided my nailpolish to blues (a post about those will follow later this week) and pinks because somehow I don't really tend to wear anything else in the summertime.

So let's start!

KIKO 376 : This first soft pink polish is not the one I wear all the time but I love wearing light babypink on my nails (anytime of the year) because it looks clean and elegant! (Kiko is an Italian brand which is available in many European countries.)

Essie Lovie Dovie : The most hyped Essie polish ever, made it into my favorites because it is as good as everyone says. The color is very vibrant but not too bright, easy to apply just like almost every Essie polish. 

China Glaze Pool Party: This color screams "summer"! It's a matte neon pink, which looks kind of orangy in bad lighting. You can avoid the matte finish by using a glossy topcoat. For an opaque result you have to apply two to three coats. Only thing I hate about this polish is that it chips pretty fast.(China Glaze is available only online in Europe, as far as I know!)

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy : Similar to Pool Party but this is a true neon orange. A lot of people have complimented me on this color because it is a definite eyecatcher.

Essie Too Too Hot : A classic red is a must have all year round. In the summertime I like lighter reds more, but right now this is the only polish I have close to my absolute summer red! 

So that's about it! Only thing I forgot to mention is a peach colored polish I got from Barry M. Just like the light baby pink I consider a peachy nailpolish as a very clean and elegant color.

Stay tuned for my blue summer nailpolish!

Have a beautiful day!
Xoxo Lola

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Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013

Review: Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Spray Lotion

Hello my beautiful readers!

Today I have a "hot", non-sticky review for you! 
A couple of weeks ago I went to my local drugstore to buy myself a new suncream because the weather started getting hotter and I wanted to get a summery, shimmery tan. I remembered my grandma had this coconut-smelling lotion from Hawaiian Tropic which she had bought on her trip to Hawaii ages ago. I had fallen in love with the smell of it so after discovering this brand in my drugstore (here in Germany Hawaiian Tropic is being sold at Müller) I wanted to get it for this summer. 

It does not have a high SPF - 15, but it's also available with an SPF of 20, 30 and 50 - but since I'm not very sensitive to the sun because of my mediterranian origin, 15 will do for me. I used it when I was laying in the sun and I didn't get sunburned - which doesn't happen to me anyways! 

The smell is just like I remembered and if you love Piña Coladas, you will love this sun spray! The smell is not too overwhelming, it's definitely noticeable but not annoying. It smells  like coconuts and pineapples.

The texture is what I really fell in love with. 
It is in a spray form, easy to apply and not sticky AT ALL! All the other suncreams I have ever used were very sticky and everytime my legs touched in the heat, it felt superuncomfortable! This one feels like a normal bodylotion! You almost forget that you applied it! 

Here in Germany it costs about 7€, which is more than I usually spend on a suncream, but this one's is worth every cent! The higher the SPF, the more it costs. 

So from me this product get's a YES! I loved it and I think you should try it too if you want a good-smelling, light-textured sun spray. 

Have a beautiful, sunny day!
Xoxo the Columnist L

Disclaimer: this product was purchased with my own money.

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Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Eco-friendly smothie

Hello my beautiful readers! 

Today I have a very spontaneous post for you, but as this is something I do quite often I thought I'd tell you about it! 
I found some blueberries and kiwis in my fridge today which didn't look very edible anymore because they had spent a little bit more time in my fridge than fruits usually do. 
So I decided to make a smoothie out of them!  
I just but them into my blender, added a little bit of juice to the mixture, poured it into a bottle I had from a smoothie I had bought a while ago and put it into my fridge! This is a healthy and ecofriendly way to use up the food you have in your fridge!

So what are you waiting for? I'm sure you have a brown banana sitting in your fridge just waaaaiting for you to smash it in your blender :).

Have fun doing this!

xx Lola 

Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Black Forest with Oreo (Flocafe Drink)

Hey my beautiful readers,
today I have a recipe for you! 
It's a chocolaty drink I tried for the first time ever when I was on holiday in Greece in a café called Flocafé! 
I fell in love with it and I hope you will like it as much as I did! 

What you need:

3 Oreo cookies
3 teaspoons of cherry syrup
200ml of milk
3 teaspoons of sugared cocoa
and some ice! 

How you make it:

Put your Oreo cookies into a cup and smash them with something hard. I used a wooden cooking spoon! 
Poor in three teaspoons of cherry syrup into your cup. Then put in the ice. In a different cup, mix your milk and your cocoa. Poor the cocoa milk into the other cup with the rest of the ingredients. 

And that's it! All you have to do is enjoy! :) 
I hope you love it! 

PS: On you 
can watch the tutorial for this drink! 

Have a beautiful day! 

Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

And who am I? That's a secret I'll ...nah just kidding

Writing the first post on your brand new blog is difficult. How do you start? Do you just say "Hello world, I'm probably girl number 134699 who starts a blog because she has the strong need to share her thoughts and outfits with the world!"?
I am more of a youtube-girl . I have a one-year-old channel on Youtube which I love taking care of and sharing styling and beauty tips. But recently I really got into reading blogs on Bloglovin. I already had this blog on which I wrote in German but I would love to have a wider spectrum of audience and since almost everyone in this world speaks English I decided to start writing in English!

So here I will be talking about products, outfits and life. A little more than a picture can say on Instagram, a little less than what I say in my videos and sometimes so much more!

Be aware! I'm not a model, nor a star, nor a rich Upper-Eastside-Beauty. I'm ordinairy, lifeloving, ironic, creative and those who know me, know I'm a clumsy mess! Sounds interesting? Stick around!

Have a beautiful day
The Columnist L